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Acharya prepares Ayurvedic medicines by hand at Garhwal Ayurveda Pharmacy. He is extremely knowledgeable about many types of pure, organic plants. He knows about many invaluable medicines. Such as: Sawaran Mundri Butti Ras, Kitanu Buti, Swarn Bhasm, Hira Bhasm, Tilha Tel, Amrut Johar Sat, Calcium Buti, Kayapalat Sat Buti,Paushtik Rasayan etc. The medicines of Garhwal Ayurveda Pharmacy cure the patient's disease from its root. Please trust us. You buy your medicine from Garhwal Ayurveda Pharmacy. Because taking Ayurvedic medicines from Garhwal Ayurved Pharmacy will not cause any harm to your body. We also provide you medicines at reasonable prices,