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Metamask Browser Extension – Taking Defi Mainstream

If you have recently got to know that MetaMask is one of the safest wallets out there to safeguard your crypto assets, then you have surely heard that right. This Ethereum-based crypto wallet is always there to back up your crypto assets, their private keys, and much more. To start using this wallet on your PC, you need to install and add the MetaMask extension to a compatible browser on your device. If you are completely new to this, then you need to understand the fact that the MetaMask Browser Extension can be added to Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, or Opera web browsers.

Most PC users add this wallet to their Chrome web browser because when they are combined, they offer maximum wallet efficiency to users. Hence, I also suggest you download, install, and add the MetaMask extension to your Chrome browser. However, you can also pick other browser options from this list as well.

If you are looking for an easy procedure to get the MetaMask extension added, then you simply need to visit the official website of MetaMask and select the “Download” option to proceed further. Followed by this, you can simply pick your browser option from the given list and then you surely can follow the prompted instructions to get the extension added. Once the extension is added, it will open automatically and then you can select the “Get Started” option from the given list. The upcoming screen will show you the option to create a new wallet or to import a wallet that you have already created.

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