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Published: February 27, 2023 (4 weeks ago)

Best Alternatives for Payday Loans During a Crisis

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The Best Alternatives to Payday Loans to Consider in times of crisis
If you’re in a bind and you need cash, look into local charities, family or a side hustle instead of payday loans.

Updated on November 14, 2022.

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Table of Contents

Accessing cash quickly can be difficult during the most difficult of times. It is even more difficult when times are difficult.
If you’re short on cash, you may need a payday loan may seem like the only option — but there’s rarely a good justification to apply for one.
Even if you only need a small amount of money to cover an emergency, the payday loan could leave you worse off than you were before you borrowed.
Here are 10 options to consider when you need quick cash.
Local nonprofits and charities as well as local charities

Most effective: Free assistance to pay for essential expenses.
Local funding sources, like community centers and nonprofits, are especially helpful if you’re balancing groceries, gas and other expenses with the possibility of a sudden emergency. These organizations could provide food, clothing or bus tickets for medical appointments or job interviews.
Check to find resources in your state.
Speed: How quickly you can get help depends on what you need and the organizations that are located within your region. Call them to inquire about.
Remember that charitable organizations might require proof that you require assistance by providing recent pay stubs.
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Assistance with medical bills

The best option is to reduce the cost of a major medical bill, or making it more manageable to repay.
There are a few alternatives to consider before turning to a payday lender.
Payment plans Consult your doctor’s office to see if you can set up an arrangement for payment that divides a large bill into smaller , monthly payments.
Advocates for medical bills Advocates for medical bills bargain to reduce the cost of an expensive procedure or hospital stay. They can also identify expensive errors and challenge them.
Medical credit card Some of them are offered by doctor’s offices offer interest-free promotional periods that may aid in covering the cost. Be sure to read the terms of the contract carefully to avoid hefty interest costs.

Speed: Each option differs in speed, however, you might be able to establish an installment plan with your doctor’s office by phone.
Keep in mind: Each option could be accompanied by a fee. Find out how much you’ll save and then compare it against the amount you’ll be paying to arrive at an informed decision.
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Bad-credit online loans

The best option is to get cash with a credit score below 690.
Some online lenders tailor their loans to borrowers with bad credit. These lenders can be able to approve applicants with high, fair or bad credit scores.
If you’re not sure if you qualify for a credit, you can apply to find out what lenders are willing to give you. It will not affect your credit score by pre-qualifying with different lenders lets you examine loan offers.
Speed The majority of lenders online offer fast funding and can deposit the funds into your banking account within a day or two after the approval.
Be aware that online lenders report your payments to bureaus. In time payments can help build credit, while missed payments can hurt your credit score.
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Credit union loans

The best option is for members in good standing at a credit union.
If you’re an existing credit union member or have the potential to become one, you have an option already in your hands.
take into consideration your income and credit score when evaluating the loan application, but they also review your previous history as an affiliate.
When your financial institution provides , you can borrow an amount of money — usually up to $1,000 or $2,000 with a maximum interest at 28%, and payment terms up twelve months.
Speed Large credit unions might be able to fund and approve a loan within a couple of days. If you’re part of a local credit union or have to become one to applyfor a loan, the process could take longer.
Keep in mind: Credit unions report late or on-time payments to credit bureaus which will affect your credit score.
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Payment plans for monthly expenses

The best option is temporary relief from full or partial bills while you pay for an emergency.
Ask for a payment extension, or an installment program from your utility company, landlord or mortgage lender creditor to temporarily alleviate these costs while you take care of another, more urgent expense.
Some creditors and utility companies have online forms where you can request an extension or a hardship plan However, you might have to send an inquiry informally to somebody such as a landlord.
Speed: Depending on the date it is due to pay your bill, you may get some payment relief before your next payment.
Keep in mind: It can be challenging to track payment plans with several billing agencies or creditors. Incorporate the payments into your calendar or budget and make sure you have money available to pay them.
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Other ways to make money

Best for: Creating your own temporary or permanent side business — or finding extra cash where you’ve never looked.
You could earn some additional cash by selling your clothes or taking a ride with a ridesharing business or turning your hobby into an online shop.
Some of the options in may take more time than others, but a lot of these jobs can be accomplished on your own or at your own home.
Speed: The speed at which the cash you earn depends on how you choose to earn money. Selling items online can take a few hours to a few weeks, while riders typically receive their pay every week.
Remember: The internet abounds with get-quick-cash scams. Do not apply for jobs which require cash or request financial or personal details.
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Lending circles

Best for: Getting low-interest or no-interest cash so long as you’re willing to contribute funds to help others, as well.
A is a group of people who loan money to each other for free or at a very affordable cost. This is a somewhat long-term commitment as lending circles generally help one person each month, but participating in one could aid in raising funds to fund a project like a car repair, or help you get through the rough times.
Some websites work with lending circles to send payments to credit bureaus. This can help you improve your credit.
Speed: This is dependent on when the payout cycle is completed, however it’s a slow option for funding.
Remember: You should have a steady source of income to contribute to the fund of the lending circle regularly.
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Family loans

Best for: Getting money without interest, if you’re near enough to the person to inquire.
If you ask someone you trust to help cover a bill or even pay you rent for the month won’t harm you credit, though it may do a number on your confidence.
The lender and you may create terms to determine when the loan is due to be paid back and the amount you’ll have to pay back in installments or all at one time.
Speed: This depends on the terms you and the lender accept to.
Keep in mind : A loan doesn’t need physical collateral, however you could be putting a relationship in jeopardy So make sure both parties are happy with the loan prior to committing.
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Cash advance apps

Best for: When you’re employed and you need urgent cash.
If you earn a steady income and require a pay advance, you can consider an .
These apps typically confirm your earnings as well as when you are paid, they offer an advance between $20 and $500 for your next paycheck.
They usually charge low fees and most will ask for an unpaid tip to pay for their service.
Speed: These apps may take a few days to provide the money and will usually send your money within a couple of hours with an additional charge.
Keep in mind: Paycheck advances are only a temporary fix. If you’re constantly paying to access money you’ve already earned, you may need to review your .
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Pawn loans

Best for: Getting cash with no credit check and without having to sell your item.
A Pawnshop loan is a non-credit-check alternative which is just a little bit away from selling your items. To obtain one, you give the item you have to the staff members at a pawnshop, and they assess its value and decide if they’ll grant you an loan to purchase your item.
The pawnshop and you agree on when you’ll pay off the loan and any other interest or fees — in order to return your item.
Speed: A pawnshop will typically inform you on the spot whether they will loan you money, and the amount.
Keep in mind: Pawn loans aren’t necessarily much better, cost-wise in comparison to an payday loan. to be sure you won’t be stuck in debt that you are able to pay back.
These loans aren’t an ideal long-term solution. If you are making the pawn loans regularly, look for another option.
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