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by Main St Funk Dance Studio Epping
Published: November 2, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
1/27 Graystone Ct, Epping VIC 3076

Hip Hop Classes
Hip Hop develops stamina, style and confidence and encourages students to embrace personality and flare.
Main St Funk students learn the foundations of street dance and current urban and funk choreography to the latest songs.

Hip Hop is available to all age groups

Ballet Classes
Classical ballet promotes discipline, control, and creative movement.
Whilst Ballet is a disciplined art form, Main St Funk embrace a fun and engaging learning format, allowing ballerinas to blossom without the pressure of exams or competitions.

Ballet classes are available to all age groups from beginner to experienced

Contemporary Classes
From lyrical to interpretive
Students are challenged with a range of techniques, skills, and artistry. Contemporary is an expressive and modern dance form that draws on foundations learned in classical ballet and jazz.

Main St Funk offer combined Ballet/Contemporary classes to Junior, Inter, Teen and Senior Dancers.

Jazz Classes
Jazz dancers are the athletes of the dance world.
MSF Jazz dancers get fitter and stronger as they learn to leap, turn, jump and kick to fun and engaging music. Jazz is a technical dance style that evokes a strong sense of achievement as MSF students conquer new skills each week.

Jazz is offered to Littlie, Junior, Inter, Teen and Senior Students.

Acrobatics Classes
Acro is a physical class that promotes fitness, stamina and strength.
Develop strength, flexibility and build the skills required to achieve impressive tumbles, cool tricks and flips. It is perfect for fearless energiser bunnies who are bouncing off the walls when they get home from school.

Acro is available to students in the Tiny, Littlie and Junior age groups.

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