Super Thin ABS Plastic Bidet

by Jeawin Huang
Published: January 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
5F, No. 889-3, Xinmin Avenue, Xinmin Town, Tongan, Xiamen, Fujian, China
February 1, 2022

Super Thin ABS Plastic Bidet Supplier: ABS Plastic Cold Water Bidet with Double Nozzles, Non-electric, Cold Water Connection, Water Temperature Spray.
Product Details:
-Non-electric bidet attachment
-Transparent knob
-Easy to install & detach
-White water droplet-shaped handle
-Double nozzles
-Cold water connection
-Water pressure control
-Reduce toilet paper consumption
-Plastic valve

·Excellent way to help relieve and reduce any hemorrhoids issues.
·For all adults, children, and seniors.
·Rear cleaning with nozzles self-cleaning.
·Ensure perfect daily hygiene.